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Helpful Information
Posted On:
Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Helpful Information


  • Drop off will be from 7:20 AM until 7:50 AM. We will only be utilizing the front doors for drop off.


2:00 PM-2:25 PM for Preschool on Bus Side

  • Must have yellow car tag
  • If they have siblings, those older students will walk to the bus side at 2:20 PM for pick up. Parents, please write a note/email to the teacher of the older sibling.

2:20 PM for 3rd/Kindergarten in Car Side Line (like normal)

  • You must have a car tag.
  •  If a 2nd or 1st grader has siblings in this group, they can report at this time to where their sibling is located.




2:40 PM for 2nd/1st in Car Side Line

  • For dismissal, do not line up prior to 1:00 PM. We have other groups that need to use this area.
  • Please wait until your child’s designated time to line up. If you are early, you may be asked to drive around and get back in line at your child’s time.


No outside food or items will be accepted after the school day begins.

For the time being, no visitors will be allowed in the building for breakfast or lunch.

If your child is participating in online learning, they will need access to the internet and a device with a keyboard. More helpful information will be released in the coming days, including your child’s log in information.

We sent all of this information in a phone call tonight (September 1st). If you have any questions about the above or the school year, please call the school at 205-280-4820.


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