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Alabama Education Heroes Week
Posted On:
Monday, September 28, 2020

Join us in celebrating Alabama Education Heroes Week!
Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2020  

This school year began differently with teachers and students tackling socially distanced classrooms and/or virtual learning for the first time. Our school system is working tirelessly to ensure Chilton County's students are fully supported and continuing to learn. We want to recognize our system's classroom teachers/aides, superintendent, school board members, principals, nurses, lunchroom and support staff as the heroes they are! 

We recognize the following:

Monday - Classroom teachers/aides and counselors

Tuesday - Nurses and Lunchroom staff

Wednesday - School system leadership (Superintendent, board members, central office supervisors)

Thursday - School based administrators (Principals and Assistant Principals)

Friday-Custodians, Bus Drivers, Office workers, School resources officers and all other support staff.

Thank you to each of you for the job you are doing to make school a success!  

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